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Dealer spotlight: Coastline Wellness, NL

Coastline is a Dutch regional operating business in the westcoast area of the Netherlands.
We are in the spa business since 2004. There are 6 persons working in the business.

What is your specialty?
Coastline is specialist in Swimming pools, Spa’s and sauna’s.
There is a showroom of 200 m2 in Voorhout. Coastline is only operating for private customers.

Been an Aqua Finesse Dealer since: 2005 as soon as Aquafinesse was launched.

Why did you choose to sell Aqua Finesse?
The wellknown reasons as: easy to use, clear water, good for machine and body.

What is your most notable Aqua Finesse experience?
We have a lot of good referrals but we have a lot of customers who use it for years now and don’t want anything else! An other thing to notice is that we give 100% warranty at labour when there is something broke in the spa, only when the customer uses a minimum of 3 packs Aquafinesse a year. We communicate this in our warranty sheet.

Coastline Wellness
‘s Gravendamseweg 56
2215 TE Voorhout
The Netherlands

Website:  http://www.coastlinehottubs.nl/
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