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Dealer spotlight: Grupo Fiesta Spain

Since 1976, Jarpis SL, Spain, has been building swimming pools under the brand “Fiesta Pools”. During this almost 4 decades, the company has served and installed pools and spas for more than 8.000 customers, amongst important civil engineering companies as Ferrovial and Dragados.

What is your speciality?
By 2001 Jarpis incorporated a new brand as Fiesta Spas to focus on spas, swim spas and hydrotherapy and with exclusivity on Cal Spas and Wellis spas, two of the most recognized manufacturers in the world..

Been an Aqua Finesse Dealer since:

Why did you choose to sell Aqua Finesse?
To have the best water care, easier, softer and best added value, we started the distribution to end users of Aquafinesse in 2012. The range is giving us the complete solution to the spas, providing a truly relaxing experience before, during and after the bath. After this years of chemical experience we found the way to provide a real relaxing experience to the customer.

What is your most notable Aqua Finesse experience?
One of our customers had a problem with her skin. Her skin was very sensitive to chemicals and high levels of chlorine in the water. She tried almost every product available on the market, and was about to sell her spa because of this. Then we convinced her to try AquaFinesse water care. Two weeks later we received a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a card saying: Thank you, no more skin problems!

Grupo Fiesta: Fiesta Pools y Fiesta spas

Website: www.fiestaspas.com
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Website:   http://www.fiestaspas.com/distribuidores-spas-y-piscinas/