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AquaFinesse Inflatable Spa box

This box contains all you need for your inflatable spa water care.
You will find step-by-step instructions included for obtaining beautiful, clear water in a responsible and especially user-friendly manner!

This AquaFinesse inflatable spa box contains:

• 1 two-litre bottle of AquaFinesse liquid
• 1 pot of SWE disinfectant granules 65
• 1 measuring spoon for dosing the granules
• 1 measuring cup
• 1 set of instructions


for inflatable spa's

Simple weekly treatment

1. Shake the bottle of AquaFinesse well before use.
2. Add the prescribed amount to the spa water using the measuring cup (for the correct dosage see the label on the back of the 2-litre bottle of AquaFinesse liquid). Do not overdose.
3. After adding AquaFinesse activate the jets and the air supply for at least one minute and add 1-2 measuring spoons of SWE disinfectant granules 65 to the water. When you take the spa back into use, after bathing, add another 1-2 measuring spoons of granules to the water. If you do not use the spa, add one measuring spoon to the water at least once a week. Before dosing granules, always activate the jets and air supply!
4. Rinse the filters every few days with clean water, or clean them with AquaFinesse Filter Cleaner (tablets). Replace them afterwards.

With an inflatable spa, we recommend you to refresh the water every 1-2 months!