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Unseen advantages of AquaFinesse water care use

We have stated in the past that customers, using AquaFinesse can save costs on lifetime of the equipment.

Therefore Special Water Europe B.V. is carrying out several tests with heating elements, pumps and valves to gather information on the long term of AquaFinesse.

Besides all advantages of crystal clear soft water and less time consuming maintenance, we are proud to present you the results of a spa, using AquaFinesse from 2007 untill today!

We have dismantled the spa to look at the individual parts of it and the influence of AquaFinesse. Proudly we present the pictures of our investigation that can be used to show your customers how safe AquaFinesse is for the equipment.

Pictures show the results of eight years AquaFinesse use.

Kind Regards,

Special Water Europe B.V.

Research and Development.