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AquaFinesse Pool Water Care 16x170gr.


Lower your overall operating cost of maintaining your pool by loosening organic debris, calcium and in-organic debris from all equipment related to your pool!

  • 1 Tablet maintains 20,000 gallons / 76,000L of pool water per week.
  • Helps maintain water balance
  • Prolongs equipment life & liners by removing scale and scum deposits
  • Softens the pool water for a more comfortable bather experience

The Pure water experience
Use in combination with chlorine, bromine or other oxidizer. Effective with all pools and all types of filters.

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Everyone knows that you must disinfect water in order to destroy the bacteria it contains, but should that also be done at the expense of your health?  The use of conventional chemicals such as chlorine or bromine in your pool causes strongly smelling water that also has negative side effects on your skin, eyes and breathing. It can even damage the pool. There is also the added misery of having to take measurements several times a day and adjust the values. And even after all that effort, the swimming pool is still not as clean as you might think.

To understand why, you first need to know the true cause of the formation of colonies of bacteria, a slimy substance that hides invisibly on every surface of your swimming pool including the walls, the ladders, the plasterwork, the lining, the skimmer baskets, the pumps and especially in the pipes! Have you ever felt the slippery walls? Now that is Organic debris!

No more slippery walls with AquaFinesse POOL

Just one simple weekly treatment with our patented environmentally friendly formula tackles the problem at its roots; the layer of slime is soaked away from the surface and then rinsed away with the water. Moreover, it cannot re-form. The result is a spectacular reduction of bacteria in the water for which you only need a minimal amount of disinfectant! Even lime, the notorious destroyer of swimming pool equipment, is no match for the power of AquaFinesse

99.6% recommend AquaFinesse!

It’s no secret that people love our products all over the world. This is because our formula works and the products are easy to use.

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Simple weekly maintenance

Start Up and Weekly Maintenance
Follow our 3 Step Process: 1. Balance 2. Sanitize 3. AquaFinesse POOL Water Care tablet(s)

AquaFinesse POOL Water Care is only intended for use in swimming pools. These instructions are applicable if your pool water is properly balanced.
Each AquaFinesse POOL Tablet is sufficient for 1 week’s treatment of 20.000 gallons / 76,000 liter.
A double dose of AquaFinesse POOL Water Care should be used during the first 4 weeks and during the 4 weeks prior to closing your pool.

1. Ensure that the pool is vacuumed and the filter backwashed/rinsed/cleaned regularly.
2. Balance your pool for Alkalinity, pH and Calcium hardness.
3. Add your approved sanitizer to the pool per the manufacturers instructions.
4. Add AquaFinesse POOL Tablets to the floating dispenser or skimmer. *

This Product Contains:

AquaFinesse pool tablet 170gr. (16ct.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a selection of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Yes, you do need a disinfectant in addition to the AquaFinesse Pool tablets. However, you will notice that thanks to the use of AquaFinesse you will need much less to achieve the same values.

We recommend a chlorine level between 0.8 and 1.0 ppm.

The AquaFinesse formula soaks the biofilm off completely, so that bacteria lose their protective layer. Now you only need a minimum amount of chlorine to effectively destroy the bacteria. This would not be possible with just a traditional disinfectant.

AquaFinesse ensures that your pH remains stable. When using AquaFinesse, the pH will be between 7.2 and 8.2. So you don’t have to do anything.

One tablet of AquaFinesse Pool 53 gr. is sufficient for the treatment of no less than 20,000 litres of water.

We always supply a floating dispenser with our AquaFinesse Pool bucket. Of course, you can also place the tablet in the skimmer if it is present.
You cannot use AquaFinesse Pool in combination with an automatic dosing system. You will notice that you will need much less disinfectant thanks to the use of AquaFinesse Pool.