The Hot Tub Studio – Gloucester

We’re a multi-award winning Jacuzzi® hot tub retailer.  Some of these awards are for growth (meaning we are committed to serving our customers), lead conversion (meaning we answer your questions) and customer service (our biggest and most important goal).  We are also the only retailer of hot tubs to be chosen by the famous ex-Dragon’s Den entrepreneur Theo Paphitis – if he likes us, we hope you will too!

Hot tubs are our passion and have been since we started out in 2004.  We have seen many companies and manufacturers of hot tubs come and go over the years.  It has helped us to grow and develop into who we are now – customer orientated, quality driven and in the top 2 Jacuzzi® hot tub retailers in the UK.

The Hot Tub Studio – Gloucester
30 Brunel Court
Waterwells Business Park
GL2 2AL Gloucester