“Environmentally friendly, safe for your health and silky smooth for the skin.”

That is the promise AquaFinesse makes

“AquaFinesse’s scientifically proven, environmentally friendly formula is effective and contributes to a cleaner environment!”

Scientific research

Scientific research has shown that water maintenance is not possible without the use of a disinfectant. The disadvantage of disinfectants such as chloride is that they have adverse effects on your health and the environment. The unique working principle of AquaFinesse, namely tackling the bacterial environment, can drastically reduce the number of chemicals in the water of your hot tub, (swim) spa or pool. An additional advantage is that side effects such as red eyes, painful skin and irritated airways are a thing of the past.
AquaFinesse is safer for your health and more friendly to the environment.

High quality

We produce our products with the utmost care using only high-quality ingredients. In addition, the AquaFinesse liquid is infused with a delicious, fragrant lavender.
This organic lavender is specially imported from France. Our product is also NSF certified and we as an organisation also have the ISO 9001 certificate.

Made with green solar energy.

Our products are made with 100% green energy! Solar energy is a clean energy source that comes directly from the sun.
Special Water Europe has invested in a solar panel field, consisting of no less than 120 solar panels to provide us with the cleanest energy.

This allows us to produce our products in a self-sufficient manner.

Recyclable packaging

The packaging used in AquaFinesse products is 100% recyclable.
It would therefore be a good thing if these were recycled correctly. In this way, we all contribute to a cleaner future!